Fiber Optic Home Packet - 7M

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Download /Upload Price /Month Payment
07M $12.50 One- time charge for 2 years and above
12M $20.00 One-time charge for 1 years and above
25M $38.50 One-time charge for 1 year and above
50M $68.00 One-time charge for 6 month and above

Special Offer:

1- Free 1 Router. 

2- Free 1 ONU. 

3- Free 1 Private IP. 

4- Free Youtube & Facebook 50M


  • 1- Customers cannot cancel the package after handling it.
  • 2- Broadband will be automatically cut off without any renewal products when it expire.

Fiber optic technology is the fastest, most reliable and technologically advanced Internet technology with much of the backbone of the internet deployed using fiber optic cable, it is no surprise that fiber optics are the fastest form of broadband technology in existence today.

WiCAM Fiber Optic connection allows you to switch to a whole new level of internet experience. You want to have a stable and strong Internet connection throughout the day?

WiCAM Fiber Optic connection is the solution. You want to be able to increase the amount of Internet Data?

WiCAM Fiber Optic connection is the solution.

WiCAM Fiber Optic is made from the best materials and the installation is done by teams of professional. Dedicated line & Leased line Both of these lines work with the Fiber Optic technology. Allowing you to have a pleasant internet’s experience. Leased line is ideal for home user and very small business for its affordable price and good performance. Dedicated line is suitable for medium and big companies, its ensures and high internet speed all time and its easy to upgrade internet speed.

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