Symptoms cause seven types of cancers

Symptoms cause seven types of cancers

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The body of a woman always changes according to the age of life, the health, and the body has changed dramatically, which is natural, but some changes are not a natural change in life, but it is Symptoms of various diseases: primarily cancer symptoms.

And here are a few of the women’s variations that are a sign of cancer that you should go to a physician immediately:

  1. Breast changes: If you have a lumps in the area, it is not necessarily a cancer symptom, but you should talk with a specialist to make sure there is no risk, but if the tumor It’s red and out, you have to tell your doctor right away.
  2. Bloating: According to Marleen Myers, a specialist on cancer at New York’s Hospital Langone, some women have bloating. If bloating does not disappear, even if you try to lose weight, then you should go to a doctor later because it can be a symptom of colon cancer, or ovarian cancer or pancreatic cancer.
  3. Irregular bleeding: An irregular menstrual cycle and red-colored it may be symptoms of cervical cancer that you should notice.
  4. Skin Transformation: The dark spots on your skin may seem normal, but if the sensitivity changes, the stinging flaws may be quicker than ever, so go to the doctor immediately.
  5. Difficult to swallow: You may not notice much, or you think it is a normal pipe, but if the difficulty arises, it can be a symptom of throat cancer.
  6. Loss of weight: If you are in a hurry, you may lose a lot of weight without exercising or Take a weight-loss medication that may be symptoms of cancer or colon cancer.
  7. Cough: Usually cough only lasts for 4 weeks, if you have taken the medication, but if you ignore and tolerate more than this period, it may be a symptom of lung cancer that you should consult with a Specialist doctor.

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