Causes and symptoms make women dysentery

Causes and symptoms make women dysentery

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What is Dysentery?

Dysentery is not a abnormal disease for every woman, 3 out of every 4 women with the disease. It is not a sexually transmitted disease, but it can be sexually transmitted, which is caused by a fungal infection called (Candida), which causes irritation, swelling, and vulva.

Dermatological treatment is easy and depends on the seriousness of the condition.

What is the cause of Dysentery?

Most mushrooms are Candida albicans, a micro-organism that occurs locally on the vaginal area of the woman, and its spread is controlled by the good balance of the lactobacillus However, lactobacillus does not completely control and control the spread of the Candida virus completely.

Symptoms of dysentery

Dermatology offers a range of symptoms and notes that women should understand and seek for treatment because delaying the treatment can aggravate the condition.

  • Itching
  • Crushing
  • Shallow in very small or large quantities of gray and coarse (though sometimes liquid)
  • There is pain during sex
  • Get up on the ulcer
  • Rabies or rashes.

Treatment:  Use with natural medicine that is properly approved and reviewed by an expert.

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