Let’s find out what is Keith disease?

Let’s find out what is Keith disease?

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What is Keith Disease? The stick marks on a piece of leather or a bag containing water inside. That is Liquid, Cluttered, Sticky clumps, or lubricated. Another type of muscle is muscular and water.

  • Ovarian cysts are a type of papules that are very similar to the skin and are more common in women of reproductive age.
  • Blood clots are caused by the menstrual period, resulting in blood clots.
  • Ovarian cancer is most common in almost all women, at least once in a lifetime, usually in women with birth.
  • Cervical bumps are small blisters, such as a frontal bulb on the face as large as a leg or a small amount of green beans.

The cause of the disease :

  • It may be noted that this cyclic is caused by congenital anemia, while new females are released every month when the sperm is removed and there is a congested congestion.
  • Due to the inflammation of the water, causing irritation of the arteries at some point, the uterus is no longer capable of removing old cells, leaving the damaged cells separate from the kidneys.
  • Due to poor sexual hygiene, the mucous membrane glides through the hole.
  • In some cases, it is also caused by women with birth defects.
  • Most watercourses are in the ovaries.
  • Fat, cholesterol, and blood clots mostly occur on the ovaries and mouth. 

Symptoms of Keith disease :

  •  Swollen, abdominal pain, difficulty in urinating or urinating
  •  Hip pain during menstruation
  •  Want to vomit and vomiting
  •  Fat
  •  The bowel trouble
  •  Causes heartburn
  •  Hip pain or sometimes thigh pain
  •   If the large bowel busts, the abdomen bubbles up

Side effects of psoriasis :
When the Keith is about the size of a grip, the floating Keith in the abdomen causes the woman to suffer from the abdominal pain in the abdomen, as the tongue can twist.

  •   Strong cells that contain HPV are more likely to cause cervical cancer
  •   Keeping the pancreas becoming pus can lead to cervical ulcer
  •   Glycosides cause bleeding in the abdomen and can cause fatigue greater than 40 mm, can cause severe pain or infection and can cause cancer.
  •   Most ovarian cysts do not cause any harm, and it will disappear without treatment.

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